Studley Parish Council was established in 1894. The first election was held on 17th December when out of 17 candidates, nine council members were elected to serve the civil parish of Studley. There have been several boundary changes since then and we now have 12 council members, voluntarily working on behalf of the Studley community.

Council members decide policy and make decisions regarding the services provided by the council in Studley. We provide support to community groups including the community library, scouts, Studley in Bloom, Studley Christmas Lights, Sports and Social Club, and the village hall; we light the footpaths, install play equipment, maintain public open spaces including Studley nature reserve, provide allotments, act as the landlord to a variety of community facilities and we are the burial authority for Studley cemetery.

Wherever possible, the parish council aims to improve the quality of life and the environment within the parish boundary. We liaise with other tiers of local government on issues that affect our day-to-day lives and we are involved in the production of a Neighbourhood Plan that will provide a blueprint for our built environment over the next 10 – 20 years. We are keen to work over the next year or so, on producing a Neighbourhood Development Order that will see community approval (rather than planning authority approval) for a small local development of housing for local residents on council-owned land.

The Parish Council is currently supported in its efforts by three members of staff, who work full and part-time from our office in Studley village hall.

Liza Rose is our Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer; Katharine Walters is our Clerk and Kellie John is our Administration Officer. All three can be contacted by phone: 01527 853204, or by email:

Picture of Liza Rose

Liza Rose, Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer

Picture of Katharine Walters

Katharine Walters, Clerk

Picture of Kellie John

Kellie John, Administration Officer