Studley Parish Council’s Code of Conduct has been updated to bring us in line with the members’ code adopted by Stratford District Council in May 2022. This follows the publication by the Local Government Association in December 2020 of a national code suitable for all local authorities in England.

Our Code of Conduct complies with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and the Nolan Principles of Public Life.

We have also signed the Civility and Respect Pledge to uphold good working practices within the council in the belief that civility and respect should be at the heart of public life and good governance is fundamental to ensuring an effective and well-functioning democracy at all levels.

The intimidation, abuse, bullying and harassment of councillors, professional officers and staff, in person or online, is totally unacceptable, whether that is by councillors, professional officers, staff or members of the public.

We know that such behaviour can prevent councils from functioning effectively, councillors from representing local people, discourage people from getting involved including standing for election, and undermine public confidence and trust in local democracy.

So, we encourage everyone to do what’s best for Studley and work together for everyone’s benefit.