Details of any planning application listed below may be viewed on Tuesday or Thursday mornings at the Parish Council office located at Studley Village Hall. Alternatively the list of planning applications can be seen below.

Pending Consideration
92 Alcester Road Studley Warwickshire B80 7NP
Date Received: 19/07/2022
Date Validated: 08/08/2022
Pending Consideration
Holt Farm Alcester Road Studley B80 7PD
Date Received: 25/07/2022
Date Validated: 25/07/2022
Pending Consideration
44 Node Hill Studley B80 7RG
Date Received: 22/07/2022
Date Validated: 22/07/2022
Pending Consideration
1 Morgan Close Studley B80 7PB
Date Received: 12/07/2022
Date Validated: 12/07/2022
Pending Consideration
2 Station Road Studley Warwickshire B80 7HS
Date Received: 11/07/2022
Date Validated: 11/07/2022
Tree Preservation Order - Approved Works
3 Old Vicarage Gardens Studley Warwickshire B80 7SG
Date Received: 20/06/2022
Date Validated: 20/06/2022
HHolder Prior Approval Refused
Coachmans Cottage Manor Mews Studley B80 7PR
Date Received: 17/05/2022
Date Validated: 07/06/2022
Permission with conditions
64 St Judes Avenue Studley B80 7HY
Date Received: 30/05/2022
Date Validated: 30/05/2022
Application Withdrawn
79 Alcester Road Studley B80 7NJ
Date Received: 04/05/2022
Date Validated: 26/05/2022
Permission with conditions
25 Watts Road Studley Warwickshire B80 7PT
Date Received: 17/05/2022
Date Validated: 17/05/2022

The parish council also welcomes any comments you may have about planning applications. Please contact the parish council office by telephone: 01527 853204 or by e-mail: